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One of the most diverse and popular gaming genres is simulation games. Because the tap-and-swipe controls work well on touch displays, it’s also one of the most popular on smartphones. They’re simple to play, entertaining to interact with, and some can last for years. Simulation games are simple to comprehend. It’s a game where things … Read more

Destiny 2 Player Discovers an Unusual Bug with Revenant Hunters’ Shatterdive

Destiny 2

Stasis in Destiny 2 has undergone significant changes, and with Shatter Dive dominating the Trials of Osiris, a player discovered an unusual bug with it. Destiny 2 is about to enter the fifth week of Season of the Lost, and with 155 days until the release of The Witch Queen, now is as good a … Read more

Calling Cards: Fans of Fortnite want Call of Duty’s Stuff

Calling Cards Fortnite

A Fortnite gamer develops an outstanding concept film demonstrating how Call of Duty’s Calling Cards could be used in the battle royale. Fortnite, being the most popular battle royale game, doesn’t need to improve on what it already offers. That doesn’t stop Fortnite gamers from borrowing ideas from other battle royale games in the hopes … Read more

Battlefield Mobile Beta for Android is coming soon: Here are the specifics

Battlefield Mobile Beta for Android

The Battlefield Mobile Beta for Android will be available this fall, and the standalone game will be free to play and released in 2022. Battlefield Mobile Beta for Android: The game isn’t coming out anytime soon, but the developer’s recent bombing of the beta release earlier this year has piqued the community’s interest. Also check … Read more